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Plight of Kashmiri Pundits

Posted: 01/19/2011 in Kashmir

Today the 19 of January has great relevance with the people of Kashmir, I am not talking of muslims there, but of the real sons of the land, ie., Kashmiri Pundits, because it was on this day some 22 years back they were packed of their homeland into refugee camp.  Its quite undermining to see that of all the governments that have come after wards, none has done any minisucle thing to lessen the burden of these people of the “lesser god”.  Even the BJP when in power for some time did little for the cause.
By saying ” lesser God” I ought to bring forth the plight of the sons of the region by way of religion being a damned majority or a triumphant minority in what we call India, where in Kashmir is also a part spells the difference to live or die.  No where in the world you will find a majority being persecuted for a minority, stark contrast is that in the parliamentary way, the party which gets the most seats (majority) rules and the party with even lesser seats is the opposition (minority) in India, which I cant understand on what basis this is.
I being from a Community known as Gowda Saraswath Brahmins, had felt the brunt of persecution some 400 years back, wherein my forefathers had to flee from their own land wherein the Portuguese asked them to “leave or get converted or die”.  This persecution has now befallen on the Kashmiri Pundits,  even worse from the very same hands the people had voted to power.
It is not the time to lament but to fight from the front, lets take up arms of all sorts, pen or gun, stone or bomb, intellect or disarray, and do our part to relive our motherland from the depths of treachery of the dynastic rulers.