A Tribute to our Freedom Fighters #9.

Posted: 02/08/2011 in Tributes

Gopal Krishna Gokhale,  (May 9, 1866   /  Feb 19, 1915 )

Gokhale was born in Kothapur, Maharashtra, he was the pioneer of Indian National Movement, and was the political guru of Gandhi Ji.

In 1885, Gokhale along with his Deccan Education Society colleagues founded the Fergusson College in Pune. In the subsequent year he met a great scholar and a social reformer Mahadev Govind Rane. Being highly influenced by the social works of Ranade, Gokhale called him guru and started moving on the path of social reforms. He founded the Servants of India Society in 1905. The main objective of this society was to train Indians to raise their voices and serve their country.

Gokhale was actively involved in the Morley-Minto reforms of 1909 that gave Indians right to access highest posts in the government. He also wrote articles for Tilak’s weekly paper. Through his articles he tried to awaken the lost voices, latent patriotism and the feeling of liberty. Gokhale had greatly contributed to India’s independence and development in all spheres.


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