Black Money – 1500000 million $ in one Bank

Posted: 01/24/2011 in Black Money

Its in the back drop of a petion filed with the Supreme Court by Ram Jethmalani,  K. P. S. Gil and Subash Kashyap asking the Central government to disclose the names of 26 Indians who had stashed 1500000 crores in Julius Baer Bank, the ruling Congress Party, had to disclosed in a sealed cover with the Supreme Court, which seems to have opened a Pandora’s box.    Its quite interesting to take note that, this very Congress had made it loud and clear in their “100 days manifesto” that all the black money stashed in foreign banks will be investigated and brought to account, not to forget the PM’s statement last week that bribery and scamming shall be dealt with strong hands and now it seems that the government under the able leadership of the sleeping PM and Roman Italian Mistress this has fallen by the wayside.

The government has now produced before the Court the names of these 26, asking the court not to release the names to the public.  Why is this so, and why is congress citing flimsy excuses of “contracts” to avoid publicizing the names.  Could there be any use in getting the names and not making them public? and what action could be taken against them if these names are not made public?.

These should be some respect for the public, who vote these scammers into power.  This black money is channeled or can be channeled for drug peddling and even funding for arms of various terrorist outfits that operate in and out of the country.

Of the 1400 names in the list there are 26 accounts related or having roots in India.  Of this only 18 could be traced by the Government, now the question is, to whom are the other 8  accounts related to?.   Are these accounts being operated by any terrorists or politicians or Industrialists who plunder the nation of its wealth?

The gravity of the issue can be measured by the amount stashed in this one small bank alone, what about other big banks in Switzerland and other Island Nations.  Going by records about 80000 people are traveling into Switzerland in a year, of this nearly 25000 are frequent travelers.  Its anybody’s guess why all these people go to just one place.   Equity of the graveness of black money can be gauged just by going though amount of unaccounted monies of  IAS officers Aravind Joshi and his wife Tinu Joshi, which runs to 360 crores, nobody would have known about this if this money was in any foreign banks, but not all “National Looters” are that much intelligent, to keep their ill gotten money in the Foreign banks.

Thus we can make out that only black money works here, what more can I say, if you are to sell a piece of property in Mumbai or Delhi or as the case may be, nobody will be able to buy it without “Black Money”, because I doubt anybody would be willing to show all monies on records.    They are fools who would sniff around where the record amount of black money procured by the erstwhile A Raja and his party has gone!  Our poor other former Ms. CM  of Tamil Nadu,  is bearing the brunt of amassing land here and there even now, if only she was that intelligent she would have  stashed it in any of the Swiss Banks.

Just imagine, 1500 billon $ of Indian Black money in Swiss banks, and if this comes back into India, foreign debt could be neutralized in just under 1 day and moreover the tax burden on the common man could be brought down to tangible levels.

What else can we, as the locals of this great nation do,  where our forefathers gave away their life for the freedom of their sons, and are relentlessly pushed down by the dynastic rulers, westernized laws and unpatriotic souls – even hardcore than the terrorists themselves.

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