Wikileaks… Rahul on so called “Hindu Terrorism”

Posted: 12/20/2010 in Politics = Politricks

And this happens only in India. We are all 100% correct on the point that Pakistan is a Terrorist state and they albeit terrorism in every corner of the world, either by their own ISI or LeT or Taliban or let it be in any other name or faction.
But does we have the guts to put it left and right to the open before the World ?, yes, would be the answer, but do we put ?, no, will be the answer. Why No ?, coz, there in this part of the world there lies a “farty” (party) “folitical” (political), who is run by a foreigner, who acts like an Indian but not a hindu from the core, and whose precede-res were equally there for the power than for the good of the country, and now has brought forward a son who is even dangerous, coz he says “there is something called Hindu terrorism”, if et all this foreign educated boy would ponder why there is this kind of terrorism there, if it is there ?.
On one side there is Islamic terrorism and on the other, terrorism of conversion by Christians. If not seen in the right perspective this is going to be the death of very essence of Mother India.
Reason, The most oldest religion / culture might break on the weight of the Constitution that these illegitimate sons has put upon this state.

  1. ashokmkini says:

    yes , raul vinci is playing the politics which he learnt from his great grand father nehru who in turn learn it from british : divide and rule !!!

  2. sreenivas says:

    good buddy……!!!!!!
    nice blog, keep going , spread n preech your ideas, than keeping them in mind….!!!

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