Shy Indian boy, flavoured Italian Chocolate

Posted: 12/20/2010 in Politics = Politricks

My brief reconstruction  of the Indian chocoboy..

( on how Nehru family hijacked Gandhi’s surname)

Indira Nehru fell in love with Feroz Khan (half moslem, half parsi)
Nehru family didnt like a moslem to marry her. It was shame for them, they opposed fiercly. But it was late, Indira was deep in love with him. So feroz khan changed his surname to Feroz Gundi (parsi surname from his fathers side) But still nehru family didnt like him.
Then the  real Gandhi (Mohandas karamchand gandhi) adopted feroz gundi and made him his stepson, and changed his surname to Feroz Gandhi.
Thats how indira nehru became indira gandhi. There, nehru family hijacked gandhi surname. Then there is Rajiv who married the italian Sonia, and their product is this Italian chocoboy..

Have u ever looked at his eyes? its like devil looking back.. now check it, u can see all cunningness and cruelty in his eyes..

Two more important history info that everybody should know..
After getting indepenedence MK Gandhi said, congress should be dispersed now, coz he knew otherwise it will be misused.   But Nehru opposed, coz he was cunning and he knew that the brand name of Congress can be used for ever.

Another unknown history fact..
After getting independence, Nehru played every dirty trick to become the  first prime minister.. but there were other people who were better suited. But he then divided India with Jinnah.. Finally Gandhi said to Patel that, “make this man (Nehru) Prime Minister, otherwise he will destroy our country”

This is the so called Nehru family story in brief.

What else could you expect !

  1. Nishit says:

    unbelievable…hvn’t heard it b4…thanks 4 sharing

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